Maldives First!

CED focuses on increasing the choices available to the citizens of the Republic of Maldives through augmenting the choices available to people to improve their lives and livelihoods through education, healthcare development and income generation activities.

CED believes firmly in equality, accountability, opportunity, participation, social justice and empowerment.


HIV Aids Ribbon

HIV / AIDS Awareness


SCUBA Project

HIV/ AIDS awareness in the republic of Maldives has been severely lacking. The lack of previous infections has lulled the Maldivian community in to a false sense of immunity from the Global AIDS pandemic. However, with the growing use of intravenous drugs and a general lack of knowledge on the subject, the necessity for improved efforts on this front is imperative.

Though Maldives is known as one of the primer SCUBA diving locations in the world, few of its citizens have experienced all that the Maldives has to offer. Through facilitating introductory dives for Maldivians, we'll allow them to truly experience their own nation and see the environmental effects of global warming first hand.

Maldivian Baby Pediatric Training   Sponsors

CED is focusing on providing essential training to Pediatricians in the Republic of Maldives.  There are currently no pediatricians in the Maldives in Intensive Care / Neonatal training, and CED hopes to ensure all children admitted have best care possible.

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