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Maldivian Palm TreeOperating in the Republic of Maldives, CED hopes to improve educational and health facilities within the nation.

The Maldives is a chain of 1,200 islands of which 200 are inhabited. Though Maldives is said to have one of the best education systems in the region (South Asia) the school system is severely lacking. Schools in the capital are overcrowded and a secondary educationist not available to many rural inhabitants.

Health care is available about often only at regional outposts, far from the island villages. Due to the small size of the country and its population, there are few doctors in any specialized field and therefore individuals are usually forced to travel abroad for medical treatment. It is believed that by improving educational and healthcare facilities in island communities, abominable rates of sexual and drug abuse amongst the Maldivian Youths will subside. (currently believed to be around 40 percent)

The Maldives is currently considered one of the most exclusive tourist destinations on earth, reciving almost three times its population in tourists every year.